The collection “AFROPOLITAN” tells the story of tradition and progress, identity and strength of the African woman. Liselore Frowijn worked for this collection along with Vlisco, the Dutch textile company in Helmond who are making wax fabrics since 1846 for especially the West African market. Frowijn was inspired by the intricate, colorful prints that she found in the archives.

Her muse comes from the Igbo tribe, located in southeastern Nigeria. This typical Afropolitan woman knows how to adapt to the age-old traditions and customs in her modern life while maintaining its identity. The Igbo women discuss important social issues during their annual women-gatherings, while they are all wearing wrapped skirts of wax fabric. This wax substance – often from Vlisco, the Igbo color indigo (terrestrial), yellow (sacred) and red (human) – is chosen months in advance according to the theme of the meeting.

To emphasize the equality all women wear a white top, in the form of a blouse, T-shirt or polo shirt. The designer translated the contrast between tradition and progress in a collection that continues to evolve and reforms. Frowijn decomposes time-bound prints and colors and interprets them anew by adding layers or by just leaving them out. By cutting and / or pasting it into the existing she creates a new luxury with lace and embroidery. From this layering she creates a new silhouette.

The Resort 2017 collection is a feminine collection originated with the typical handwriting of Liselore Frowijn: influences from sport in which African pride merges with the combination of rich, embroidered fabrics from India, hand-painted silks and woven jacquards which were developed in Italy and the Textile Museum in Tilburg. The image is feminine and simple, with a leading role for straight skirts combined with T-shirt-like tops, large (long), coats and soft-covered trousers. The silhouette is straight and slim with an occasional suggestion of movement by wrapping the fabric, draping and tying.