Afternoon Of A Replicant

This collection is about the clash between sportswear and luxury. The concept of this collection is based on the famous cut-outs of Matisse, his final work.

These enormous collages in bright colours represent his own imaginary world. It was this world Frowijn wanted to create for a modern young woman during our era, where speed is an important subject.

By cutting and pasting with paper, she created a modern cut out-suit for women, in the same bright colours and shapes as the ones Matisse used, but carried out in fabrics used in sportswear, such as lycra. Above these suits she designed modern pieces, based on the military dress code, and carried out in light, rich, artisanal fabrics with self designed prints. Most of these fabrics are hand painted or embroidered.

The silhouettes are voluminous and layered, and the transparency of the fabrics causes an eclectic play-a-long between background and foreground: a fresh kind of luxury is the result.