Fracture Space

In her work fashion designer Liselore Frowijn is permanently searching for the clash on sportswear and luxury. The concept of her new collection ‘’FRACTURE SPACE’’ is based on the wardrobe of a woman who is fully at ease with herself. She moves elegantly and dynamically in space, and lets no person interrupt her energy. Instinctively she knows the base of pure luxury.

The silhouette is based upon biking-jackets and polo-shirts, carried out in tweed, and finished with sporty pipings. Liselore combined her own developed and hand painted fabrics with materials from the outdoor industry, together with rich jacquards from Italy. With this collection she caught all vibrations of this enervating year, all bits and pieces that surrounded her and developed her signature. Like the paintings of Kokoschka she examined during the development of the collection: his powerful paintings displayed the energy of his characters, and he unrevealed their soul on almost an animal kind of way with his rough brush.

His work inspired Frowijn to develop rhythmic prints, floral and striped, carried out in colours inspired on the landscape-paintings by David Hockney.