Let’s Hear It For The Lions

Art has been an important source of inspiration in the work of Liselore Frowijn, and for this FW16 collection she would like to give a big shout out to all feminine artists making a change and showing a different perspective.

The FW16/ collection is a homage to all strong women who are living or have been living in this world, with Niki de St. Phalle as a muse. The beautiful round volumes this artist has created with her Nana’s, formed, together with the spirit of the energetic and edgy women Frowijn admires, an inspiration for this collection.

She examined the strong signature of Niki’s work, and started designing materials in a similar naïve but bold way; where soft vs. primary colors, curving vs. graphic dessins, sharp vs. soft materials and new vs. recycled textiles are contrasting aspects within the collection. The final image is created by the act of layering, collage and drawing. The silhouettes are strong as trees, sensual in a way and implacable surviving time. The collection is like a modern baroque party, with a paradoxical approach towards materials; where artisan and mechanical designed textiles can jointly exist.