No. 3 Formania

In her search for purity and harmony, where her generation seems to be searching for, Liselore Frowijn came across the Triadic Ballet by Oskar Schlemmer. In her version of this ballet, she developed a new collection, which refers to Schlemmer use of geometrical shapes.

The collection contains a hint to the silhouettes and materials used in skiwear, where she investigates the clash on sports and luxury. With this project, Liselore refers to the basic use of textiles, from where the source of her work always originates. She treats different tones of white textiles literally as a canvas, to develop unique and rich pieces of fabric as a painter.

Furthermore, for the first time she developed her own knitwear, to translate the voluminous part of Schlemmers ballet into comfortable luxury. Not only is this collection a homage to Schlemmer, but also to his contemporaries, such as the Delaunay couple, who all lived in an era where clear graphical shapes, pure colors and attention for materials where leading elements.