Expo 2022


As I am reconsidering my position within the fashion system, my love for textiles hasn’t diminished. Textiles are ambiguous: on the one hand, the global industry behind them has disastrous climate consequences, on the other hand, everyone necessarily wears them. Textile equates and intertwines us, averse to the class or status in which the wearer finds himself. The fact that every person is daily dependent on clothing moves me, as this fragility connects us as people to a tactual world. I find comfort in observing textiles worn by passengers in daily life. The passing of people is only briefly, but the tactile memory of the print, structure, and color they wore remains with me. This image forms a strong counterpart to loneliness, where I feel interwoven with that person and our mutual world. This feeling I’d like to cherish as it’s becoming rarer being solo in a virtual space most of the day. The encounters form enrichments I’d like to honor and materialize with this ongoing textile sculpture project. I started in 2021 and I’m developing them life-size in 2022.