Fashion concept 2019

Kids Workshop

Liselore Frowijn was invited by SEP, Stichting Educatieve Projecten, to set up a 4 weeks course with the 8-year olds at the Slootermeerschool in Amsterdam-West, The Netherlands. Thanks to Hans Bon from Wieland Textiles in Wormerveer, The Netherlands, the kids received a 25kg package of second-hand clothing, recycled from Amsterdam’s clothing-bin.

Liselore developed a workshop where she challenged the kids to re-use the pieces of clothing as valuable commodities. They had to pick pieces from the pile of clothing, only using two contrasting colours.
Next, the kids dissected the pieces of clothing, using them as new pieces of textiles in bold patchworks, held together with tape, staplers, hand stitching, clothespins, etc.
Patterns developed in Studio Frowijn were placed by the kids on the re-used pieces of textile, cut and attached again by using the same bold techniques as within the patchwork itself. Bikinis turned into masques, prints were marked on top by writing or drawing, and the graphic stripes of the tape created bold patterns.
A colourful and joyful parade through the school was the result of educating the next generation, following Liselore’s sustainable belief that they are the ones that can change our future if educated and informed thoughtfully.

If you’re interested in a workshop by Liselore Frowijn, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Photography by Studio Frowijn.