“Within my practice as a designer, I try to unite my love for textiles, colour, and print in relation to man and body in one snapshot, which leads to a baroque, raw image. I use different disciplines such as fashion, collages, and installations in a life-size and sketchy manner so that the image created has a dynamic appearance. I play with graphics, volumes, and structures in a kaleidoscopic way and want the work to immerse the viewer in my joy of playing. A recent development is direct painting on textiles in a life-size format. The use of textile is – with its appearance of a second skin – a metaphor to humans within my work, and comes from my background as a fashion designer, my love for the body, and the movement of clothes. Since I launched my studio in ’14 I have moved my practice from the traditional fashion system developing seasonal runway shows toward a more independent studio, working on collaborations with artists on developing exhibitions, films, workshops, and products.”

– founder Liselore about Studio Frowijn projects.

The brand FROWIJN wants to exist within the joy of what one really needs to make life more beautiful, by offering small, regular collections and limited products.

Operating from our studio in Amsterdam, we consciously move to our own rhythm and use that to focus on creating an environment that allows for sustainable and local practices.

The brand’s raw baroque use of materials, crafts, whimsical patterns, and layers results in a peaceful collision of identity, structures, and volumes, discover more in our shop.