Studio Frowijn is a dynamic design-studio and the artistic house of designer Liselore Frowijn. Established in 2014, it offers various services in the field of sustainable design.

Studio Frowijn’s signature is recognisable for its layering, both conceptually and materially. Layered colors, prints, and silhouettes, Frowijn weaves influences from art, travel, sports and the society as a catalyst for a new, bold and energetic image.

Visible throughout the website, our sustainable designs encompass everything from corporate projects to fashion, including sportswear and accessories.
Our work expands to include concept-development, art-direction, textile-design, lectures, presentations, virtual reality, print-design, trend-development, artworks, illustrations, workshops, exhibitions and education.

Projects strive to be interdisciplinary and diverse, while sharing the philosophy of the designer that sustainability is key. Client requests and expectations are woven directly with Frowijn’s poetic way of working that freshly connects different elements on a rich and varied palette of material, color and print.

Studio Frowijn will now be available to develop various design projects for both commercial and cultural fields, in any possible discipline.


With a formal education as a fashion designer at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts (NL), Liselore Frowijn worked for the first 6 years post-graduation and won two prestigious, international fashion awards. Working alongside the traditional fashion system, she worked freelance for companies all while developing two seasonal collections a year. These were presented in Paris fashion week by a catwalk-show as well as a showroom devoted to her eponymous brand.

Her practice as a fashion designer has previously been largely defined by the industry’s traditional seasonal production. However, considering the lack of sustainability in this construction, both in regards to materials as well as the futuristic perspective generally, this endeavor wasn’t conceivable as a long term operation. 


For this reason, Frowijn decided in 2018 to change her fashion-label into a dynamic design studio where she launches capsule collections, titled Serie I, II, III… etc.

The series will be locally made and produced on a small scale. As a result, all products will consist of recycled/sustainable material and/or local stocks.

The diverse, unique, and exclusive series of semi-couture clothing and accessories will be updated every quarter of the year on the webshop.

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As a brand, FROWIJN wants to exist within the pureness of what one really needs to make life a little more beautiful by offering limited and luxury services and high quality products that one can keep as a collector’s item. 

The brands baroque use of readily available materials, whimsical human crafts and eccentric patterns in kaleidoscopic colours, as well as an interest in cultural exchange with non-Western sites of production are reccuring features. Together with a clashing combination in layering by using elements from the sport-industry next to traditional tailoring, such as voluminous, transparent silhouettes of coats and tunics layered on top of recycled lycra leggings.
Materials are sourced locally from available stock, or with a sustainable base such as lyocell, eco-silk, eco-wool or eco-cotton.

With all this, FROWIJN moves consciously away from the traditional fashion system of linear growth and attempts to remain small and able to focus on prioritizing sustainable practices and a circular growth that reuses and recycles already existing materials.


20 key elements that drive Studio Frowijn:

  1. Dynamic
  2. Durable
  3. Creative
  4. Baroque
  5. Niche
  6. Semi-Couture
  7. Layered
  8. Thoughtful
  9. Transparant
  10. Unique
  11. Capsule
  12. Artisanal
  13. Bold
  14. Local
  15. Eductive
  16. Goal-Driven
  17. Innovative
  18. Flexible
  19. Circular
  20. Optimistic